Working Environment

Human strategy

By identifying the importance of the human to the existence and development of the corporation, SCI warmly welcomes the potential candidates who are always eager to work with their own intelligence, talent and ethic quality.

At SCI, we apply the special salary and bonusregulations for the best staffwho have extensive experience in the field in order to retain long-term employees and attract new qualified ones from various sources.

Work environment

At SCI, you will be working in a transparent and professional environment with modern facilities. Besidecomplying with the code of behavior and attempting at work, all members of SCI are united and help each other, which contributes to creating the cheerful atmosphere so that all members can uphold their most capability and dedication.

Welfare policy

For the sustainable and long-term development, SCI focuses on building policies to attract talents, scientific work modes, professional and efficient working styles to proposeattractive remuneration and bonus policies.Specifically, SCI builds the salary and bonus policies which suit each job position, skills and professional qualifications of the staff to properly acknowledge the capacity and results of individual work and encourage staff to promote their capacity and responsibility to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency.Particularly, the payment for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance are taken seriously and stipulated by the law.