SCI Group (Service Comprehension International) is the leading multi-branchgroup in Vietnam. Its core services arebeauty and health care. With the long-term vision and perspective of sustainable development, it focuses on beautificationand dentistry with two initial strategic brands including Dong A beauty salon and Paris dental company. In the future, SCI will continue to grow and affirm its position as the number one in the field of beauty in Vietnam as well as become the leading consultant of communication solutions and provide medical equipment and materials.

Experiencing 4 years of foundation and development, SCI has over 500 members with the scale of development stretching to the South and North. Specifically, on 02/08/2016, the ceremony of SCI brand launching was held in Bangkok – Thailand, which officially opened a new milestone in the journey of “stretching out into the ocean” of the Group.

With the orientation of long-term and sustainablegrowth, CSI focuses on developing the following areas:

– Beautification and dentistry:

Particularly in the field of beauty, SCI owns more than 10 prestigious beauty and dental salons, including systems of Dong A beauty salons and Paris dental company. With thousands of customers already using the service, SCI really made a major shift in the beauty industry throughout Vietnam, which brings customers the opportunity to reach the advanced and safe beauty services.

With the commitment to bring the customer satisfaction in every service, the Board of SCIcritically paid attention to strengthening and developing depth solutions such as enhancing qualified doctors and applying modern technology through the signing of a technology transfer from the major partners. In particular, some longtime and prestigious partners must include Korean Beauty Association, Lead Cosmetics Surgery Hospital; Iface Plastic Surgery Hospital Cosmetic; American Meridia Huron Hospital; USForsyth Dental Clinic…

– Communication solution consultation:

With the development into the field of communication, SCI continues to affirm its strengths in consulting and providing brand solutions. With the Marketing department of 100 people and the expertise divergence of divisions such as Content, SEO, Adword, Design, PR, Facebook, Forum, Account Executive, Seo manager, seeder… SCI initially achieved its critical success in shaping the image value of business, consulting developmental strategies and crisis management skills thereby enhancing their competitiveness and helping them stand on the market.

– Supply of medical equipment:

For medical equipmentsector, SCI has been promoting the provision of machinery, supplies, medical equipment, and the creation of a deep logistics link for the repair and installation in accordance with medical standards of the Ministry of Health.

In conclusion, with its firm steps, SCI Group has been creating strong impression in Vietnam business community in general and in the field of beauty in particular with thegrowth and increasing brand value. Especially, with the determination and the desire to conquer new heights of its leaders, SCI promises to extend further.