Dong A – The leading beauty clinic in Vietnam

Affirming beauty is the strength of the SCI Group, Dong A beauty clinic is constantly developing in terms of scale and quality of service. With the modern facilities, reputable medical staff and a variety of advanced aesthetic technologies, Dong A Dong A beauty clinic confidently prides itself on be “No.1 in Vietnam “.


Dong A’s Logo

The network of Dong A is rapidly developing:

With the first branch established on 03.10.2014 at 212 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Dong A beauty clinic continued to expand its facility at 3/2 Street, district 10 , Ho Chi Minh city in 8/2015.

Up to 17/4/2016, the third branch was opened at 75 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi. Only two months later, Dong A continued to expand to Hai Phong (378 To Hieu, Le Chan District), Nghe An ( Hung Binh District, Vinh city) and Ho Chi Minh City ( CR 01-02, Crescent Residence 1’s House, District 7 ) marked a milestone in developing its network throughout the territory of Vietnam.


The opening of Dong A Beauty Clinic in Hai Phong

Strengths of Dong A Beauty Clinic:

– Modern facilities: 

At Dong A beauty clinic, the infrastructure is modern, including luxurious reception and consulting rooms; operation rooms which are equipped with modern machinery to ensure a standard by Ministry of Health; high-tech treatment rooms with a range of advanced cosmetic technologies from the United States; spa systems designed in the royal style to bring about a feeling of luxury, tranquility and relaxation.

– Application of advanced aesthetic technologies: 

Anticipating modern and high-tech beauty trends, Dong A beauty clinic is the pioneer in the application of advanced aesthetic technologies transferred directly and exclusively from the industrialized countries such as the United States, Korea, France, Thailand.


Application of advanced aesthetic technologies

– Gathering leading experts and doctors: 

100% of the doctors and specialists in Dong A beauty clinic are well trained. They have excellent qualifications and long-term training period abroad. In particular, thanks to the deep breadth of expertise, each doctors performs a separate service, which commits to the safety and aesthetic results.


Gathering leading experts and doctors

– Professional and safe services: 


Professional and safe services:

At Dong A beauty clinic, the service is standardizedin accordance with the standards by Ministry of Health. Especially on the way to its leading brand, Dong A constantly improvesits service quality and style to give customers the perfect beauty service.